Outstanding success and promotion after promotion for this high performing leader

This high performing director of a global business analytics consultancy fast tracked her growth and development in new roles through working with us – in fact, it has been hard to keep up with her achievements and the promotions she has gained. She said of her coaching: 

I would highly recommend the tailored sessions for individuals who want to learn and develop rapidly from their experiences, have a change mandate within their role or organisation and have a desire to drive for success.

She used her coaching to reflect on her performance, break down challenges, recognise opportunities and execute for success. Her sessions provided her with the time and space to thoughtfully consider new approaches and ideas that could assist her in driving change within her teams and the organisation as a whole. She was enabled to build stronger relationships with colleagues across the company, gain sponsorship for key initiatives, improve how she worked with senior leadership and bring success to cross-functional initiatives.

In addition, the reflective coaching was crucial in helping her drive her career and handle the challenges and steep learning curves that came with each promotion she gained. She found the sessions an excellent opportunity to explore patterns of behaviour, approaches to situations and strategies for driving positive outcomes, all of which added hugely to the results she and her teams achieved and to her ability to take on the next challenge. She was also able to explore leadership styles and hone her skills to maximise the performance of her leadership team, in turn mentoring them to learn and grow and get their teams to raise their games too.