Reduced infighting leading to improved quality of delivery to customers

Cristina, a leader of consulting teams tried out some of the Collaboration Lab tools to get her people collaborating more effectively. Prior to her doing this team leaders tended to compete against each other for work and resources, frequently going to senior managers to resolve disputes and score points over each other. Their teams were following the same pattern and the result was that meeting customer needs had become a lesser priority than surviving the office politics. Crazy! 

To turn things around Cristina got her people focusing on understanding company values and culture and working to them as the norm. In doing this they were able to identify the behaviours that were particularly damaging to effective collaboration, such as not resolving operational issues as and when they happened, avoiding uncomfortable conversations and failing to learn from mistakes which were then repeated. 

Having identified what was holding them back the teams were able to stop this cycle of damaging behaviours and introduce more helpful collaborative ways of working. Remarkably quickly the teams, their leaders and others in the organisation noticed the beneficial impact. More importantly, however, feedback from customers showed the quality of delivery had greatly improved.