Moving from overwhelmed and unfocused to a high performing leader

When she started her coaching Mariya's aim was simple, she wanted to take back control of her time and stop feeling so overwhelmed. As she got into her programme though she was able to focus on empowering her leadership team, fostering robust conversations where everyone gets a say, encouraging a culture of sustainable change and learning and enabling better onboarding of new leaders. This in turn enabled her to step back from the day-to-day operational challenges and focus on offshore centre strategy and how it linked to wider company strategy.

Ultimately, the members of her leadership team and the teams they headed up were more motivated and capable, which had a positive impact on business results.

Historically the offshore teams had worked in silos, with little collaboration between each other. Mariya worked hard to get her leaders comfortable having conversations with each other, questioning, challenging and disagreeing without falling out, and asking each other for help before coming to her.

So, for example, where before issues of consultant under-performance would quickly be escalated to her, they were dealt with by the team leaders. Or when the company reorganised, the team leaders worked together to enable a smooth transition, rather than involving Mariya every painful step of the way. And when a big project meant people were being pulled out from her teams, the team leaders again worked together to manage the impact, rather than competing against each other, requiring Mariya to act as referee, as they would have done in the past.

The knock-on effect of getting her team leaders and teams to collaborate more effectively with each other was that this also enabled them to collaborate much better with other parts of the business as well as with customers and suppliers.