Being heard without competing for air time

Senior Consultant

This senior solutions architect observed that he often attended meetings but was unable to make a contribution. He reported that meetings rarely had an agenda, usually ran out of time and often had too many people participating. As a result it was the people who interrupted and had the loudest voices that usually got heard. He found this frustrating because interrupting and cutting across others just wasn't his style. Further, he often had information to share that was critical for decision making. If he couldn't do this during the meeting he had to find another way to get this information to his peers, by which time is was usually too late. The tools learned on Collaboration Lab ensured he could establish new ground rules when it came to meetings - there is an agenda; air time is shared equally; everyone is invited to make a contribution and no-one is interrupted. He reports he is still astonished that people can say less during meetings but get more done and that meetings can be a calm, respectful exchanges of diverse thoughts.