Data discoveries lead to preventing technical escalations

Line Manager

A line manager used the techniques learned in C-Lab to uncover hidden data regarding serious escalations on a high-impact project that was costing the company a significant amount of executive time, lost margin and seriously affecting customer satisfaction and confidence.

The manager discovered a technical lead could spot scenarios in advance that would lead to a serious escalation for his team. However, the technical lead did nothing as he didn’t recognise it was his responsibility to step in and help in this way. The line manager helped the technical lead connect his own lack of action with the highly visible and painful escalations which went all the way to the top of the organisation. Subsequently line manager and technical lead put a process in place which acted as an early warning system to prevent technical escalations. When we checked on progress 3 months later the project hadn’t had any technical escalations, where previously they'd averaged 3 or 4 a month.