Increasing business revenue through strategic leadership

Vice president EMEA

We worked with a VP EMEA of IT professional services. He had spent his first couple of years in post troubleshooting and adding in new functions and was achieving 15%+ growth per year. He now wanted to focus on being more strategic to improve the customer experience, achieve even higher growth and gain buy-in from the global board for longer term structural changes.

He was already an accomplished leader and knew where he wanted to go with the EMEA business but needed to focus on how to achieve big changes at a granular level. His Accelerated Success programme gave him quality thinking time, where he could stand back and look at this in detail, challenge his assumptions on how it operated and extend his leadership style and approach.

As a result of his Accelerated Success executive programme the VP is working more strategically than in the past. He regularly articulates his vision for the business and sets clear goals for his teams. He has socialised his plans for restructuring with the global board and EMEA country managers, and has successfully engaged two countries in structural changes as key steps in achieving his strategic vision. He has also recruited key players to his management team who can help him get there. His EMEA business achieved unprecedented success in the year of his programme, exceeding target by more than 20%. Since his programme finished he has been promoted to a new and more challenging role within the organisation.