Big picture thinking brings focus and clarity


This vice president for consulting services used our executive programme to enable him to step back from the day-to-day, lay everything out on a map and plot strategy. Something he struggled to find the time and head space for previously. Taking this big view enabled him to identify the key items he needed to focus on in the context of the “big pipeline”, the important things that needed doing.

He was then able to focus on single issues, develop clarity of message and consistency in how he communicated messages.

My calendar is full every day, every week. During sessions I take time to go back to the plan, look backward and look forward, which is hard to do when my calendar is so full all the time. I have to listen and make sense of what each country is saying and reflect on whether it is in line with the big picture.
 The sessions help me build consistency of message so that I can take my team with me and then they cascade this down to their teams.
 I can't prove this empirically but I believe there is a relationship between the thinking I do during the coaching sessions and the results in the international area. This is the only part of the business that is growing.

A simple and very powerful use of his time has enabled him to truly focus, which has made a huge difference for him, his team and the business as a whole.