An unlikely approach to reducing escalations and improving the quality of delivery

Senior Solution Architect

So many project based organisations want to know how they can increase the timeliness of project delivery, ensure the quality of delivery is good and margin is protected. This senior SA was astonished to discover that addressing these age old challenges was simpler - although not easy - than he thought.

Using the techniques learned on his Collaboration Lab programme he realised that slowing meetings down, staying focused on an agenda and listening intently to everyone present enabled him to get clarity on each person's perspective. He realised that listening in the right way enabled him to hear who was on the right page and who needed correction. Armed with the insight he could correct people immediately or take the appropriate steps after the meeting. Over time he observed a significant reduction in re-work, projects were meeting deadlines and the quality of work was improving. This led to more satisfied customers and no costly and demoralising escalations and margin was protected. Simple but very effective!