Collaboration achieves a more productive outcome

Senior Technical Consultant

A talented key player, much in demand with customers and colleagues, this consultant set high standards for herself and her team. She played a critical role in high profile contracts, worked hard and cared about her contribution. Able to analyse complex data quickly and come up with a solution, the consultant of often felt frustrated when her colleagues couldn’t keep up. This was exacerbated when up against a deadline and often led to her being aggressive and confrontational when the team needed to make a decision on how to move forwards. Not surprisingly her direct approach alienated both colleagues and customers.

Behaving in a professional manner was always important to her and she wanted her Leading From the Middle programme to help her promote harmony, not discord. We worked on the theory that, if she wanted her customer to go somewhere with her, first she has to go to where they were. Therefore, instead of telling the customer ‘the answer’ to a problem she began to help customers understand issues before she recommended potential solutions. This wasn’t an easy or overnight transition, it took time, hard work and patience, but by setting small goals and reviewing her progress regularly the consultant was able to turn things around.

She is now more collaborative and less confrontational. In customer meetings she listens more and says less, and she continues to provide thought leadership and advice by enabling, not directing. Customers benefit from a more pleasant working atmosphere, more positive results, and report a feeling of ownership, learning and knowledge about their project.

After a number of years in the company she was delighted to win her first consulting excellence award.