Achieving results through others

Senior Business Consultant

We worked with a senior consultant, leading a virtual team across EMEA. He wanted to build a high performing team but instead found himself constantly jumping on a plane to resolve operational issues faced by individual team members. He spent so much time on everybody else’s job he never seemed to have time for his own. Despite all his effort, therefore, he was having little impact on business results.

His Leading From the Middle programme enabled him to make a shift in thinking about his role as leader. He worked on how to achieve results through others rather than doing it all himself. He established a common purpose with the team and developed an effective communication strategy, greatly reducing the endless country hopping. He also learned how to delegate and assess team member’s will and skill, in order to achieve the results he wanted in the right time frame.

He developed his people to do more of the right things, which freed him up to focus on high value activities in his role. As for results, he went on to exceed his targets in this and subsequent years and has since achieved two promotions.