Working to a shared vision


We worked with the UK country head of a global ICT company. Internally there was a culture of individuals and teams working independently or against each other. They wasted a lot of time and money competing for resources, where they should have been focusing on meeting client needs. His goal was to grow the company by £15 million over 3 years. He knew he needed to change the way they operated if he was to be successful.

The country head used his Accelerated Success executive programme to work with his management team to develop a 3 year strategy for the company, and to ensure annual business goals were aligned. During this process he came to understand how much influence quarterly financial targets had on what got done, and what didn’t. This prompted him to introduce a management team meeting cycle that enabled them to balance today’s demands with longer term goals. This in turn highlighted the need for better management processes, which would help maintain focus and improve the quality of the information available to his team. By introducing improved processes, reporting on business performance was more accurate and timely, and decision making on critical business issues was better and faster.

Not everyone on the management team welcomed this new level of visibility and accountability, therefore, through his coaching programme the country head also extended his capability in managing change at the individual, team and organisational level and learned that inspiring others to share his vision was about more than setting an income target.

His management team became more aligned, motivated and effective and business performance reporting and management improved. The country head was communicating more effectively with individuals in his management team and was better at supporting them in their roles. Management team communication was more open, there was greater accountability, and difficult issues were addressed rather than swept under the carpet. There was also a visible impact on the wider organisation, with greater clarity of purpose and improved cooperation and communication. The bottom line was that clients were happier and business results exceeded plan.

Developing his own career he continued to take on additional responsibilities within the organisation and has since been promoted to a group leader position.