Kevin Oubridge


Kevin joined Accelerated Success two years after its founding, in 2005 to help Sue map her executive coaching marketing and delivery processes, and support her in financial management and business development. Since then he’s he’s written The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook, which describes those processes; set up Blue Chip Coaching, providing coach marketing training and mentoring for executive coaches in the UK and around the world, and written Blue Chip Tips, his regular blog; and developed their latest product, Collaboration Lab.

Throughout his career Kevin has specialised in implementing and leveraging the value of performance management systems in large organisations. He has also worked extensively with individuals and teams in developing project stakeholder management capability.

Kevin holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Training & Performance Management from Leicester University and is an accredited mentor with the government-led National Enterprise Allowance scheme, which supports new business start-ups. Prior to Accelerated Success, Kevin led organisation development in a number of large companies. For British Telecom he helped introduce Total Quality Management into the company. For National Health Service (NHS) he helped health service workers design solutions for delivering community care services locally, ran national projects for the NHS Executive and managed a non-medical training department for St. Mary’s NHS Trust, one of London’s biggest teaching hospitals, for which he was instrumental in their receiving the Investors in People award. As an internal consultant with Mercer, he introduced a new company performance management system, managed a global project introducing a supporting online software platform and led on introducing an internal project management system in the UK.

While Kevin is a systems guy, he’s also a natural people person and this combination allows him to design or re-engineer systems so they truly work for human beings. He can conceptually see the big picture as well as draw it! His unique talent for translating systems thinking or abstract concepts into fun, cartoon-style visuals makes his training especially engaging. He enjoys problem-solving broken processes and figuring out how to use technology and other tools to enhance workplace performance. While he’s not a perfectionist, he is tenacious and will keep at something until he’s worked out a practical, user-friendly solution.

In his personal time, Kev enjoys spending time with his family, whether that’s walking the dogs, wandering the garden or woods, or learning Choi Kwang Do martial art. When not doing family things Kev enjoys reading, watching all sorts of sports and participating in a local discussion and travel group.


  • BA Joint Honours. Degree in American Studies and Sociology from Keele University

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Training & Performance Management from University of Leicester

  • MSc Part 1 in Environmental Managerment from University of London


  • Accredited mentor with National Enterprise Allowance

  • Time to Think Foundation, Coaching for Leaders

  • Time to Think Facilitator, Coaching for Leaders

  • Positive Power and Influence, Sheppard Moscow

  • Total Quality Management, British Telecom

  • Project Management, Association for Project Management

  • Project Management, Mercer