About us


Accelerated Success works with leaders, managers, and teams to successfully address the challenges they face working in fast-paced environments that don’t readily foster effective collaboration and disruption for change. Using practical tools to foster clear thinking and disrupt the status quo, we help our clients significantly improve leader and team performance to reduce costs and increase profit.

Our people-centred approach enables executive leaders to remain focused on the important stuff, middle managers to successfully integrate strategy with operations, and groups to collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers.

Since 2003, we have been evolving our programmes and tools to address the limitations of traditional management/leadership development methods and the accepted approach to driving change. We saw first hand how vast sums of money, combined with huge effort and commitment were poured into one initiative after another. All too often results were unclear and added to the business’ cynicism as one flavour of the month replaced another.

We’ve worked in the private and public sectors, specialising in working with organisations that are struggling to foster and embed change. We have also been part of teams which led company-wide change. As leaders, we have acted as consultants to internal clients and been service providers to external customers.

Our team