Achieving business goals through effective collaboration

To effectively collaborate on achieving a business goal a project team member first has to know what the goal is and the role they’re expected to play. You may think this is so obvious it doesn’t need saying, however, in our experience a startling number of people working on projects are distinctly unclear on what the team is trying to achieve. Unsurprisingly, therefore, many projects overrun, cost more than budget, fail in some way or entirely, or are generally difficult to manage and work on.

The silly thing is that nailing down the business goal and individual roles on a project isn’t that difficult, you just need to have a group conversation where you tell people the goal and then give everybody a chance to clarify exactly what that means for them. You then need to tell people why they’ve been selected for the project team and give everybody a chance to clarify their role.

So basically, it’s about communicating and clarifying.

You’ll notice that this process involves telling people key information but, crucially, also giving them the opportunity to think about what you’ve said and how it’s relevant to them.

Sure, it takes longer and is harder to manage than simply assuming team members know goals and roles or at least can work them out, but if it keeps the project to time, budget and ensures success and even enjoyment of participation, well, it’s got to be worth it. Hasn’t it?