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Shift from operational firefighting to innovative change.

Accelerated Success Executive Programme


Executive leaders are naturally ambitious visionaries who constantly juggle shifting priorities between short-term objectives and a company’s long-term mission. Although growth targets might be more challenging than ever to hit, they can hit them.

To take things to the next level, executives know doing more of the same isn’t going to cut it. Still finding the time and space to create change seems impossible. Work already feels 24/7. Inefficiencies at the team level are fueling tensions at management level which is compounding the stress executive leaders feel as the ones responsible for ensuring the company remains viable and profitable. They are stuck in a cycle of short-term thinking: put out the fires first, deal with the day-to-day objectives second. Do the big change-making … if there’s time.

Instituting changes company-wide begins within the executive leadership role. When being seriously overstretched is mistaken for loyalty and commitment, it leaves little mental capacity for high-value strategic thinking. Lasting changes that will make the company more resilient requires disruption and space. More meetings to attend, more metrics to track, and more managerial oversight does not lead to greater productivity or outcomes. While there’s plenty of leadership stuff out there which could help executives and their teams perform better, that’s part of the problem. With limited bandwidth, they only need what is 100% relevant to their challenges, right now.

Our Accelerated Success Executive Programme enables executive leaders to carve out precious time to attend to issues which are negatively impacting performance — important issues which never seem to rise to the top of the list. We provide knowledge, new ideas and approaches, tools, and techniques that help hard-pressed, senior executives drive big change, quietly and consistently, in manageable steps, over time.


Drive strategic changes and take your management team and key stakeholders with you.


Driving change isn’t about big initiatives. It’s about consistently making small changes and not trying to do too much.”
— Area VP

Through 1:1 coaching the Accelerated Success Executive Programme enables you to:

Do work that matters to your company’s future.

  • Connect strategy to operations: Identify critical objectives for the next 12-18 months and get visibility on what changes you need to initiate so you can be successful in your day-to-day.
  • Identify top priority changes, set time-frames for addressing issues and identify how success will show up in the field.
  • Get focused: carve out time to work on change initiatives regularly so you can escape the constant fire-fighting.
  • Work with a neutral thinking partner and think freely, without influence from internal politics.

Foster change that sticks.

  • Disrupt current processes and systems so as to create space for new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Implement change using practical tools, working on the ground on live situations.
  • Understand more about why change gets stuck and develop strategies to un-stick initiatives.
  • Understand why and how people resist change and develop approaches to help people engage with change and adapt to new ways of working.

Improve visibility in the field and achieve more through your management team.

  • Get important things done quicker, more effectively and with better results.
  • Help your team fully understand their role in fostering change.
  • Enable your team to support your initiatives, monitor progress in the wider organisation and create a fast-feedback loop to inform future activity.

Improve visibility in the wider organisation and achieve more through others outside your management team.

  • Foster collaboration with key stakeholders and other contributors.
  • Get engagement with and traction for key initiatives.
  • Enable others to collaborate to deliver successfully.

Progress without stress.

  • Get where you want to go faster, causing less pain to yourself and others.
  • Enjoy your work more and establish better work/life balance.
  • Get real things done quicker, more effectively and with better results.





Who Accelerated Success Executive Programme is For

The Accelerated Success Executive Program is a 7-10 month executive coaching engagement for high-performing leaders who want to raise their game for improved business results. It’s for leaders who are driving change for business growth and aren’t satisfied with their progress.

The Executive Programme offers a confidential space for executive leaders to think and work through real-world challenges with full support while practising the new information, tools, and techniques we teach. 

No specific knowledge is necessary but leaders who leverage value from our Accelerated Success Executive Programme often demonstrate:

  • A drive for success

  • An agenda for change

  • Values that are well aligned with those of the company

  • A strong commitment to their own learning and growth

  • A willingness to take risks and execute

  • A desire to make a difference

Key Steps in the programme

The Accelerated Success Executive Programme is broken out into three phases: Alignment, Acceleration and Progression. The following is a breakdown of key steps in the programme:

Preliminary conversation – is this programme right for you?

Gathering the data – exploring your unique situation and business challenges.

Getting alignment with company strategy – designing your programme to fit within the wider organisation context.

Engage in regular conversations to:

  • Get focused on key initiatives
  • Think freely, talk without censoring, reflect, consider new ideas and approaches, challenge assumptions and generate new ways of moving forward
  • Plan ‘experiments’ to try out new approaches in the field
  • Reflect on ‘experiments’ and refine approaches
  • Review progress and look for the evidence of how changes are showing up on the ground.

Close the programme.

How does the Accelerated Success Executive Programme Work?


Through the the Accelerated Success Executive Programme you will raise your game and improve the performance of your organization as a whole. With our outside perspective and expertise, you’ll be able to identify your challenges and come up with a plan of action faster than if you were to work alone. We will help you navigate and avoid the pitfalls of driving change by sharing tools, ideas, processes, and best practices. The work we do together is relevant to your situation and your current proficiencies. It’s flexible and will fits around your work schedule. It’s always pragmatic and ties back to how everything you’re learning helps you do the job better on the ground.

To learn more about Accelerated Success Executive Programme and explore if it's right for you:



How many people can participate?

All executive programmes are one-to-one, involving the participant and our Accelerated Success consultant.

What outcomes can I expect?

The Executive Programme is aimed at enabling hard-pressed, senior executives raise your game and improve the performance of your part of the organization, driving big change, quietly and consistently, in manageable steps, over time. Take a look at our Executive Programme outcomes above and also our success stories for more on the difference we make.

We offer a free diagnostic session to help you scope an agenda for you in your particular work situation.

What are your payment terms?

Upfront or staged payments as you prefer.

How much time each week should I plan to allocate to this programme?

The one-to-one work involves a minimum of two hours per month for 7-10 months and more as you calendar allowes.

In addition to the one-to-one work with your consultant you will also work on real live issues on the job, which is something you would be doing anyway.

What are the entry requirements?

No specific knowledge is necessary but managers who leverage most value from our Executive Programme often demonstrate:

  • A drive for success
  • An agenda for change
  • Values that are well aligned with those of the company
  • A strong commitment to their own learning and growth
  • A willingness to take risks and execute
  • A desire to make a difference

How is this different to other learning approaches?

Other learning approaches give you lots of information and leave you to apply what you’ve learned back in the work place, which is difficult and sometimes impossible in the face of day to day pressures. This means that, although participants often say they got a lot out of a course, programme or academic study, the net result is no change in the workplace.

Our Executive Programme is different as it focuses on getting you to change what you do in the workplace – whether it’s nailing down and communicating your vision, re-engineering your part of the business for example, the programme gives you the time and space to step back and actually get to grips with your most pressing challenges. Check out our success stories to see how our clients have used the Executive Programme to transform their organisations.

How does it work?

People learn in all sorts of ways and a key learning route is through experience, or via a learning cycle: take action, reflect on the action, analyse the action and its consequences and finally plan for next time. With traditional approaches to learning, such as training courses or on-line study, participants have limited opportunities to go through the learning cycle which makes it very difficult to try out new ideas, approaches or behaviours back in the work place.

With our Executive Programme you get numerous opportunities to go through the learning cycle and develop approaches and behaviours that stick, leading to great results for you and your organisation even after programme close.

How do I know it will work?

Investing in development is a big decision and you need to know it is the right thing for you and will deliver the result you want. That's why we offer a free diagnostic session where we explore your organisation's strategy, your role in delivering the strategy and where you want to see improvement in your part of the business. Our aim is to demonstrate the value the Executive Programme can make and to provide an expeirence of working with us.

You might find it useful to take a look what others in a similar position to you have got out of our programmes success stories.

Alternatively, you could book a free diagnostic session to think about your particular situation.

Isn’t this just another course that won’t make any real difference?

No, our clients report significant results that have made a difference to their own performance as leaders and to the performance of their part of the business. Read about at our success stories. Whether improving delivery to customers, getting your people working to a shared vision or increasing company revenue, you’ll see that our Executive Programme makes a significant and lasting difference for our clients.

Why does it take so long (7-10 months) to complete the programme?

Today's media bombardes us with apps, books, and articles, to name but a few, on how get stuff done faster. In real life, fostering change is complicated and takes time and attention. During the Executive Programme you work on real life challenges that you are in the middle of right now. These are usually complex matters that can only be addressed over time.

Fostering change in people and the business isn't easy and research shows organisation change has about a 75% failure rate. We can't offer you a quick fix but we can work with you to help you navigate your situation succesfully so you can deliver the business improvement you are aiming for. Finally, this is a rare opportunity to focus on your own development in a one-to-one situation as you observe, critique and extend your leadership capability.

When will I see results?

If you take on an Executive Programme, you’ll already have noticed the difference your pre-programme diagnostic session made for you, enabling you to identify the key challenges you face and what you need to get better at to overcome them. Armed with this agenda for change, you’ll quickly nail down short, medium and long term results you’re looking for with your programme and will review success against these targets as you go, mid-way and at the end.

The results you get, therefore, are dependent on the challenges you face and how you prioritise them. Some of our clients get significant results very early on and some have to wait a little longer for the results to show, and all continue to get results after programme close. Take a look at our client success stories to see how an Executive Programme can work for you.

What results can I expect?

Our Executive Programmes are tailored exactly to the needs of each individual client, meaning that the results you get very much depend on what outcomes you set for your programme at the start. Our clients have used their programmes to achieve a variety of outcomes, such as integrating acquired companies into their company’s way of working, aligning multiple parts of the business with a shared vision and achieving a step-change in company revenue. Take a look at our client success stories for more on the sort of results you can expect.

In short, you can achieve the results you want and we offer a free diagnostic session to help you scope out what those results are for you in your particular work situation.

Will this work with other learning initiatives we have going on?

Yes, our Executive Programme will work alongside and enhance all other learning or organisation change initiatives.

How do you measure results?

When you start your Executive Programme you will identify the outcomes you want and how you will measure your success against them. If you identify a lot of hard measures, linked to company KPIs, that’s how you’ll measure your results. On the other hand, you may identify a lot of softer measures, in which case, this is how you’ll measure your results.

The process in the Executive Programme is to review progress against desired outcomes on an ongoing basis and to have more formal mid and end of programme reviews. Take a look at our success stories to see the results our clients get.

Will participants be able to use what they learn after the programme?

It would be almost impossible for participants not to be able to use what they learn after the programme. The changes that our clients put in place during our Executive Programme are transformative, leading to whole new ways of working for them, their management teams and their people. There’s no going back once you’ve participated in an Accelerated Success Executive Programme.

How does the programme make so much difference?

Learning is about repetition of doing, reflecting on what you’ve done, reviewing how it went and planning what you’ll do next time. With traditional approaches to learning, participants get limited opportunities to go through this learning cycle even once, which means they never truly learn or develop new habitual behaviours.

With our Executive Programme, participants get numerous opportunities to go through the learning cycle and develop behaviours that stick, get great results and continue to get great results after programme close.

What qualifies you to deliver this programme?

At Accelerated Success we have been working with leaders in ICT companies since 2003 and have built a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to help them succeed, whether via our Executive Programme, our Leading from the Middle programme or Collaboration Lab.

In addition, our consultants have performed a number of leadership roles in large corporates and have a variety of learning and coaching qualifications. Take a look at our about us page to find out more.